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Picking a Bible for your Family

Picking the right version for your family can be tricky. If you have younger children, we highly recommend checking out your local library, where they will have a wide assortment of Children's Bibles. The Bibles should be in and near call number 220.

Some Illustrated Bibles that we recommend by ages

Infants and Toddlers

Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Elementary Schoolers

Middle Schoolers+

Are these Bibles safe for my whole family?

We aren't sure what you mean. The Bible is a complex work that deals with all parts of human life. The characters are all naked when the story starts. If you believe that you can protect your children from the harder parts of life, then you should take a closer look at God's scriptures. Does God protect you from the hard parts of life, or does he give you tools to deal with the chaos we find ourselves in? Does God tell us to find easy paths for our kids or should we train the ones who walk the path (Proverbs 22:7)?

These Bibles should serve your family well. We don't endorse every decision that these authors made, but we think that these translations and their illustrations are a lot better than much of the fare that exists. Try to avoid Bibles that turn every story into a moral lesson. If in doubt, find the story about Samson; if Samson is presented as a good guy to emulate, find a new Bible.

What if I have kids of different ages?

Additionally, if you have a wide spread of ages, try to rotate through an assortment of options (more text to develop the listening skills of older kids; more pictures to keep younger ones engaged). Asking kids to read aloud can help develop their skills and also keep younger ones engaged.

Repetition is key

Kids (and adults) learn through repetition. Make sure to set up a reading schedule that will expose your family to the story many times. Get kids engaged with all their senses. We learn much more when we are actively engaged (acting a story out, recalling it from memory, drawing a picture) than when we passively listen.

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