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Lamplighters Website Upgrade

Apologies for our site being down for a couple of days. We have just changed service providers from Squarespace to Wix. Please bear with us as we migrate all of our content to this new platform. We are planning to complete the migration by the end of the month.

Why the Change?

Squarespace was a good introductory tool for us, since we have only created a few, limited websites in the past. Squarespace has fairly limited options for customization, however, and we wanted to explore some of the offerings that other web services provide. We decided to move to Wix because their service will allow us to deliver better quality content to our followers!

What is Coming?

Because of the change, we are now pursuing more avenues for your family to use Lamplighters. We are working on a Podcast which will release this fall. We are also planning on adding some troubleshooting articles and videos to help families explore different techniques and tools they can use to facilitate their daily devotional.

More immediately, we have set up our patreon page. Please consider donating to Lamplighters so we can continue to use better tools like Wix to help as many families as possible!

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